Setting up an Exchange account in Office 2016

Please follow the steps below to add an Exchange Account to Outlook 2016. If you are off campus, please connect to the VPN client before attempting to add your Exchange Account.

1. Select the "Start Menu" in the bottom left corner of the screen and then search for "Control Panel".


2.  Select "User Accounts"

elect "Mail (32 bit)" from the search list and then 3 3. 3. Select "Profiles".

4. Select the "Add" button and then under the profile name enter in 'Defaut Outlook Profile' and select "OK".
5. A new window should appear with the E-mail Account radial button selected.  Enter in your full name, Exchange email addess (yourusername@mes.nmu.du), and your exchange password. Once done, select "Next".
6. A window asking for login credentials will appear. Be sure to select "Use annother account".

7. Once selected, enter in ADS\yourusername in the username field and then your password in the password field. You may check the "Remember My Credentials" button if you want your information to be saved.
8. Outlook will attempt to gather the settings for the Exchange Account. Once done, there should be three green check marks next to each step and the finish button should be able to be selected. Select the "Finish" button.
98. Close out of any open windows and then open Outlook to verify the account has been added.

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