NMU ownCloud

NMU's ownCloud is a NMU hosted file sync and share server powered by ownCloud available to NMU users just by logging in. It provides access to user-uploaded data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily. NMU users can login to the server by using their web browser to access https://owncloud.nmu.edu. After logging in users can find a current user manual in their home folder.

ownCloud server features
  • With NMU's ownCloud you can now store your files to a NMU hosted cloud server
  • Gives users the ability to access your files from a mobile device, a desktop or web browser
  • Share your data with or without a password or time limit, either publicly or privately
  • Allow users to share files directly with other NMU users or non-NMU users via a web link 
  • Users are limited to 10GB of space (No exceptions)
Note: Users are responsible for backing up all data stored on NMU's ownCloud. User data will not be backed up by NMU.

ownCloud apps are available for android and iOS. To learn more about using ownCloud, please refer to ownCloud's related documentation
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