Navigating Word 2011 on a Mac

NMU-issued Macbooks come pre-installed with Microsoft Word 2011. This is a basic guide on how to nagivate Word if you are new to the program.

Creating a New Document
Saving a Document
Opening a Document
Printing a Document 
Toolbar Guide
Tabs in Word 

Creating a New Document 

1. Click on the Microsoft Word icon to open Word. 

2. Generally, you will select "Word Document" which will create a blank document. However, depending on what you are creating, you can select a different template. 


Saving a Word Document 

1. Click the "File" tab and select either "Save" or "Save As..."

  • Alternatively, hold the command key  and click "S." If you click the floppy disk icon your previous save will be overwritten. 


Opening a Word Document

2. Click "File" and select "Open."
  • Alternatively, hold the command key  and click "O." 


Printing a Document

1. Click the "File" tab and select "Print." 
  • Alternatively, hold the command key  and click "P." 


Toolbar Guide 

At the top of a Word document, there is a series of icons.

This is a quick explanation of what they mean. If you ever forget what an icon is for, you can hover your mouse over it, and a label will pop up. 

new document: Create New Document
: Create New Document from Template
: Open a Document
: Save Current Document 
: Print
: Cut Selected Text - Will copy whatever text you have selected while removing it from its' current position within the document. 
: Copy Selected Text
: Copy Format - Will copy formatting (size, color, font type, etc) of selected text. 
: Undo
: Redo
: Display non-visible Elements- Will show non-visible elements of the document; such as spaces, line breaks, indentations, etc. 
: Toggle Sidebar - Will display/remove sidebar.
: Toggle Toolbox - Will display/remove toolbox from view. 
: Media Browser - Brings up media browser.
: Zoom
: Help


Tabs in Word



Home Tab


layout tab

Document Elements

Document Elements tab


tables tab


charts tab

Smart Art

smart art tab


review tab


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