Departments Opting into G Suite

The NMU HelpDesk can work specifically with your department to help your staff opt into G Suite. The NMU HelpDesk staff can also work on site within your department to help your staff transition to the new system. The steps listed on the G Suite Opt-in and Recommended G Suite Settings pages are the same steps HelpDesk staff will be following but having someone familiar with the process will help your department transition to G Suite quicker. Please contact the HelpDesk using the information at the top right of this page if you are interested in getting help moving your department to G Suite.

Initial Steps for the Department

  1. It is recommended to switch all the members of a department at about the same time within a day or 2 of each other.
  2. These instructions assume all members in the department are currently using Outlook to access NMU email and possibly a shared calendar. Additional steps at Importing Webmail content to G Suite may be needed if they are using Webmail.
  3. Compile a spreadsheet of all the staff data including: name, email ID, MES account (Y/N), Sharing Calendar (Y/N), auto-forwarding (Y/N), desktop or laptop.
  4. Compile a list of organization accounts data including: email ID, sponsor, auto-forwarding (Y/N), mailing list in use, who’s checking the account, and method they use to check the account (Webmail, Outlook, etc). 
  5. Get those staff managing other people’s calendars opted into G Suite first, then those sharing calendars, then everyone else.

Steps for Each Staff Member

Doing the set of instructions at G Suite Opt-in and Recommended G Suite Settings achieve the same results HelpDesk staff will achieve when working with a particular department. Department staff members could use the same links to do this themselves. Once completed all new messages and invites will be in gmail. All old Outlook content is still available in Outlook, OWA, and/or Webmail.

OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED: Importing Outlook and OWA content to G Suite (This could be done at a later date but should be done before 12/23/17.)

NOTE: We recommend you don’t set up the new G Suite account on a smartphone or other device until the Importing Outlook and OWA content to G Suite listed above is complete. There is some evidence the device’s access to other accounts and content are viewed as ‘already existing content’ and then some of the Outlook data is not imported.

Moving an Organization Account to G Suite

If the account is being used as a email list then the sponsor of the account can opt in at the MyUser site to have the account created as a Google Group. Instructions are available at Changing your NMU organization account to a G Suite Group and Using a Google Group like a previous NMU organization account.

If the account is not being used as an email list or is used for calendar access on the exchange server then the sponsor of the account should contact the HelpDesk and the account will be created as a gmail account.

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