Access to NMU eBill

Students can grant parents or other parties access to their eBill information through their eBill link in MyNMU under the "Authorized Users" tab. In order to login as an authorized user, or to grant access to an authorized user, follow the steps below.

Add an Authorized User

1. Login to MyNMU with your NMU UserID and password.

2. Click the "Student Services" tab an click "Click here to:" under "eBill Payment System."

3. In the new eBill window, choose the "Authorized Users" tab and select "Add Authorized User." 

4. You can now enter the email address of the person you'd like to grant access to and select the types of access you would like to grant with the radio buttons. When finished, click "Continue."

5. Read and agree to the agreement, then click "Continue."

6. Instructions for login will now be sent to the email address you provided. 

Login as Authorized User

1. Visit the Billing and Payment Center login page and click the "Click Here" link under "Authorized Users."
2. Login under "Authorized Users" with the email and password chosen when the access was granted to you by the student, then click "Login." 
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