WiMAX Coverage 2011WiMAX Overview

An overview of NMU's WiMAX can be found at http://www.nmu.edu/wimax.

WiMAX Coverage

The NMU WiMAX network covers the cities of Marquette, Gwinn, Ishpeming, Negaunee, K.I. Sawyer, and Chocolay township. This map contains details about coverage areas and expected signal strength. You can help us identify hot spots and dead spots within the city by sending information to helpdesk@nmu.edu with "WiMAX" in the subject line.

The WiMAX network is not targeted to work in the residence halls or on campus. This is why the wireless card that NMU uses is both WiFi and WiMAX enabled. When on campus, use WiFi. You may have to turn off your WiMAX and turn on your WiFi to access the WiFi network.

WiMAX, different from WiFi
One of the main differences between using WiMAX and WiFi is that clients need to update their software in order to get the best WiMAX signal. With WiFi, you can deploy new hardware (access points) and clients will automatically see and use them. With WiMAX, the client must be updated to use a new tower and/or frequency changes. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to the WiMAX network, and/or maintaining a good connection, please make sure you have the latest version of the WiMAX connection utility. SL410 and T420i users need to make sure they have version 6.5 of the utility installed. If not, please get the newest version and install it on your computer. Users with the x230i currently have the latest version installed. For those people who have purchased our end of lease R400 model, please get this update to gain access to the WiMAX network.