Computer lab printing

Lab Printing

The Computer Lab located in the lower level of the LRC offers a black and white laser printer available for student and faculty use. In the Olson Library, there are two (2) black and white laser printers and one (1) color laser printer available. An NMU ID (WildCat Express Card) is required to print from the Lab printers. Please review the printing procedures before printing. If you do not have an NMU ID, read the Student NMU ID Card section for instructions to obtain one.

The cost to print from the Lab printers is $.05 (5 cents) per page for black and white and $.50 (50 cents) per page for color

Printing from a PC Computer
Note: Instructions on printing from a notebook computer, or setting up your own computer to print to lab printers.

1) WITHIN YOUR APPLICATION go to FILE and click on PRINT Once the PRINT screen pops up, you may change the Default Printer. Also, select the amount of COPIES you desire (1-999) "Remember it will cost you $.05 per black/white copy" and then press OK (or the RETURN KEY on your keyboard). It may take a few minutes until your file is received by the printer.

2) Go to the Laser Printer Station. Take your NMU ID Card (you need to have transferred money onto your Card prior to printing) :

  • SWIPE your ID Card through the Card reader.
  • WAIT until the screen opens up and then click on the project with your USER ID on it.
  • Now PRESS the PRINT button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • Once you are done, click on Logoff.


If a Printer becomes unavailable (Offline), Open the Printers Control Panel, right-click on the Off line printer and uncheck the Use printer offline selection.

LRC Lab Printing
If you are having problems printing in the LRC Lab follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your computer is registered
  2. Purge all queued print jobs from your computer.
  3. Uncheck "Work Offline" from the Printer properties

Printing in the Lab:
Log into the network and send your documents to LRC105 laser printer before entering the lab or bring your notebook computer into the lab and print from a network connection in the lab.