Setting up Outlook 2013 using an Exchange (MES) email account

Note: Please only use this procedure if you will only use Outlook 2007 for accessing your shared calendar. If you will use it to check your NMU email account also, please see Setting up Outlook 2007 using NMU email address, first. Then, return to this document and modify the profile created in those steps to add the Exchange Server account to that profile.

  1. If Outlook is open, close it.
  2. Choose Start -> Control Panel -> Mail (or Mail 32-bit), then click Show Profiles. (Note: You may see the screenshot from step 3 if you do not have any profiles.)
    Outlook 2013 Mail control panel
  3. Click Add.
    Outlook 2013 add profile dialog
  4. Name the profile and click OK.
    Outlook 2013 name mail profile
  5. Select Manual setup or additional server types.
    Outlook 2013 select manual config dialog
  6. Select Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service.
    Outlook 2013 select Exchange type
  7. Fill in the account details.
    1. For the server, enter
    2. For the user name, enter your NMU user ID
    3. Select More Settings ...
      Outlook 2013 server details dialog
  8. Select the Connection tab.
    1. Click the checkbox for Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.
    2. Then select the Exchange Proxy Settings... button.
      Outlook 2013 connection dialog
  9. For the connection settings, enter for the Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange option. Then, click OK.
    Outlook 2013 proxy details dialog
  10. Click on the Check Name button.
  11. Enter your login details.
    1. For your user name, enter "ads\" and your NMU user ID.
    2. Enter your password.
    3. Click OK
      Outlook 2013 user name and password dialog
  12. Once you see the server and user name entries have been underlined, your connection is successful. Click Next.
    Outlook 2013 successful account connection
  13. Setup is complete. Click Finish, then click OK to close the mail control panel.
    Outlook 2013 profile setup complete
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