Restoring files from a backup CD/DVD

Note: This applies for Windows 7.

In order to properly restore your files, we must place them into the correct locations.

  1. Open Computer
  2. Open C: Drive
  3. Open Users Folder

At this point you will see a folder with your Windows User Name, when you do, resize the window so that it fits in the lower right hand side of your screen. This window will be referred to as "Local Window"

Locate your Backed Up Files

You will now located your Backup files, and open them in a different window.

  1. Insert Disk 1 of your CD backup
  2. Open Computer (This should open a new window to browse with)
  3. Open D: Drive (The CD-Rom Drive)
  4. Open All Files
  5. Open C: Drive
  6. Open the Users Folder

You should again see a folder with your Windows User Name, when you do, resize the window so that it is in the upper left hand corner, not covering up the window you resized previously. This window will be referred to as "Backup Window".

Copying the files for backup

Copy the My Documents, Desktop, and Favorites folders each one by one to the Local Window. You can do this by "dragging and dropping"

  1. Left-click on the folder with your User Name in the Backup Window.
  2. Left-click on the My Documents in the Backup Window.
  3. Hold down the left mouse button and Drag the folder into the Local Window.
    ** Make sure you do not have any folders highlighted (The folder will appear blue) before you do step 3.
  4. Release the left mouse button.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 copying the Desktop and Favorites folders. If you do not see all of these folders, check your other backup CDs.

You will see a Copying window appear with a progress bar.

When the bar is done, eject your CD and repeat the above restore steps for each Backup CD. When all of the CDs are copied over, you are finished.

Possible messages

You may get prompted with a message that tells you the files and folders already exist and if you would like to replace them.

Select Yes to All


You may see another one that looks like this as well.

Select Yes to All.

**You may encounter another type of error during this process, if you do please select OK for the copying to continue

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