Fixes for Lenovo Twist Ultrabook connection and sleep mode problems

If you were issued one of the new NMU Lenovo Twist Ultrabook computers and are having connection problems or problems with the computer coming out or going into sleep mode fixes are now available.
We encourage everyone with a Twist computer to install these fixes as soon as possible. 
The fixes currently include 5 main steps, some of which were previously available:

  1. Update the Lenovo Power Management Driver.
  2. Remove the Intel Proset Wireless Utility and configure the Windows 8 utility to connect to WiFi.
  3. Install the Solid State Drive (SSD) Fix. (New as of 3/12/14)
  4. Assure all Windows 8 Updates have been installed.
  5. Update the Lenovo Twist BIOS.

If you do not feel comfortable with performing some of the main steps to install these fixes, especially the last step, updating the BIOS, please come to the HelpDesk and we can install the fixes you don’t complete.

If you continue to have problems after the above updates come to the HelpDesk, LRC 116, to get Kaspersky updated to a newer version or to have your computer re-imaged with a newer Winter 2014 image that includes the new version of Kaspersky as well as all of the above updates. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR FILES AND EMAIL BEFORE VISITING THE HELPDESK. We advocate that you backup your files using the Drag and Drop Back Up Method as well as Backing up Outlook PST Files at least once a month. See for a list of back up options.
If you have any questions or problems please contact the Computing HelpDesk, 227-2468,

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